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Colorado Gives Day!

Colorado Gives Day! This year Denver Writes is part of Colorado Gives Day, which is Tuesday, December 5th. Colorado Gives Day is the biggest 24-hour giving movement in the state and one of the most successful giving days in the nation. Being part of Colorado Gives Day allows Denver Writes to have access to additional

Untitled – Arden

“She already moved,” she says. I clutch the letter in my hand, and  it crumples a bit. “Thank you, sorry.” I glance into the house, a husband prepares dinner, scooping rice out of a cooker onto glossy white plates. His wife stands in the doorway, waiting for someone who clearly doesn’t work for postal services

Icarus – Chris, 17

Last night I dreamed of Icarus   As he fell from the sky   After making headway   With wax wings to fly.   Last night I dreamed of freedom   In every shape and form   Because freedom   Is something given not born.   Last night I dreamed of fear   And the

Scary Stories 2022

We had an incredible time reuniting with our friends at the Denver Museum of Miniatures Dolls & Toys!                                   Here’s our incredible writers reading their terrifying and sometimes silly stories: Ava: Tavo: Adelle: Max: Rachel: Noah: Jack and Rae: