Welcome to Denver Writes

Denver Writes’ literary magazine, Backspace, is currently looking for fresh, innovative, and creative writing which challenges the status quo and shows insightful understanding of the world. We aim to showcase an array of Denver’s best young writers (aged 10-18) and provide a space for young writers to be published in print.

Please read the guidelines below before submitting.

Submission Guidelines

In order to submit to Backspace literary magazine, you must be:

  • between 10 – 18 years of age

  • live in the Denver Metro Area

Backspace literary magazine accepts the following:

  • Prose — up to 2 pieces at a time, 2,000 word maximum

    • This includes both nonfiction (such as memoir and personal essay) and fiction

  • Poetry — up to 3 pieces at a time, 2 page maximum (per poem)

  • Dramatic writing — up to 1 piece at a time, 5 page maximum

  • Visual art — up to 3 pieces at a time, any medium

When submitting, please note:

  • Submissions should be in one of the following formats; Word (.doc and .docx) or PDF (.pdf).

  • Previously published pieces will not be accepted, so please don’t submit them! We want to showcase new literary work from young writers and artists.

Please send all submissions to backspace@denverwrites.org. In the subject line include the type of submission and your last name.

    For example, “Poetry Submission – Smith”.

Backspace has a limited staff and thus response time is slower. If you haven’t heard from us within three months of your submission, please send us an email to confirm we received your submission.


DISCLAIMER: By submitting your work to Backspace literary magazine, you acknowledge Backspace’s right to publish your piece(s) of writing/art, both in print and electronically. Backspace reserves the right to edit submitted pieces.


Are you interested in getting more involved with Backspace Literary Magazine?

Backspace is currently looking for teens, aged 12-18 interested in helping compile, edit, organize, and design the literary magazine.

If you are interested, please email backspace@denverwrites.org, with a subject line of “Get Involved”.

Please include your:

  • name

  • age

  • 3 pieces of sample writing (poetry, prose, or dramatic writing that conform to the above stated guidelines)

  • previous experience

  • your favorite book character and why