Welcome to Denver Writes

Denver Writes could not exist without the dedication and hard work of our many wonderful volunteers! Volunteering with Denver Writes is an amazing opportunity to help the minds of our incredibly talented and creative kids come to life. Plus, you never know what inspiration you might get for your own writing project!

We are always looking for volunteers for our growing workshop, tutoring and summer writing camp programs. It doesn’t matter what field you might be in, if you’re looking to be the next great novelist or haven’t written anything creative since that card to grandma when you were 8, your time and talents are genuinely appreciated!

Here’s just a few of the ways for you to get involved:

Weekend workshops, tutoring at Backspace, tutoring at a local Denver Public School elementary, summer writing camps, grant writing, marketing & communications, high school internships, and much, much more!


Beyond your positivity, kindness and enthusiasm, the only requirements we have for working with children are for volunteers to:

  1. Take a background check through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation,
  2. Attend a training (dates TBD – email for more info!), and
  3. Volunteer for at least 3 programming events each year.

If you’re interested in getting information on how to volunteer with Denver Writes, please fill out the contact form indicating you’d like to volunteer, and we’ll be in touch!

In the meantime, we want to say:


for all of your hard work and support!

Here are some volunteers at our Two Thumbs Up workshop (thank you, Mary, for taking photos):

Clare and Dave!



Here’s Peter working very hard on typing up someone’s film review!


Here’s Clare leading the Two Thumbs Up workshop with a huge smile!



And here’s Martha Seymour, a mysterious character who showed up at our How To Be a Detective workshop in April: