Scary Stories 2022

We had an incredible time reuniting with our friends at the Denver Museum of Miniatures Dolls & Toys!


















Here’s our incredible writers reading their terrifying and sometimes silly stories:







Jack and Rae:












Denver Writes Merchandise is now avaliable!

Denver Writes Merchandise!

Denver Writes has Partnered with Bonfire to offer high quality shirts and hoodies with more options on the way. All proceeds go directly to Denver Writes.



Scary Stories 2021!



Ella, 9

Avery, 10

Charlie, 12

Sammy, 13

Audrey, 12

Elliot, 10

Lilly, 13

Marion, 12

Marion Bonus Outtake:



Scary Stories 2019!

Thank you to everyone for joining us last weekend for our 11th (!!!) Annual Scary Stories Workshop! Many thanks to our wonderful friends at the Four Mile Park for giving us a home!


Check out the recordings from our spooky writers:


and check out some spooky noises

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9th Annual Valentine’s Workshop and Fundraiser!

Our (second) favorite annual workshop is just around the corner on February 3rd!

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Followed by our Valentine’s Fundraiser on February 10th at BookBar from 10 -2. As with previous years, you’ll be able to order a custom valentine made by one of our amazing writers!

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The Deadline for Pre orders is 9:59 AM on February 10th PRE ORDER HERE or order your card in person during our fundraser!


OnDenver Spotlight on Denver Writes

I was recently contacted by Libby from OnDenver, and she wanted to include Denver Writes in their weekly non-profit spotlight! I was nervous and uncomfortable at first, but after a while I really got into the interview and gave a good amount (maybe too much) of information. It is a little weird/surreal to watch/listen to myself — the only other interviews I’ve done for Denver Writes have been radio only — but I really like how this turned out, it does a great job spotlighting what we do and shines a great light on our wonderful partner BookBar!

More updates are on the way, stay tuned!

Kevin Peterson, Program Director.


Denver Writes Interviews Local Musicians


Because of all the fun we had in interviewing musicians for this year’s Denver Day of Rock, we were asked by Listen Up Denver! to do another round of interviews, this time for Colorado bands who will be competing for their chance to play alongside ZZ Top, Taj Mahal, Gregg Allman and more at September’s Telluride Blues and Brews Festival.

Check out the interviews our very own Denver Writes writers conducted below!

Lauren interviews Chris Daniels & The Kings

Kate interviews Michael Hornbuckle

Lilia interviews Union Driftwood

Jose interviews Augustus

Ella interviews Rachel & The Ruckus

Denver Writes Update

Hello Denver Writers!

We’re overdue for a blog update, so here’s what’s going on in the world of Denver Writes!

We are in the midst of a slight website refresh, which is why we haven’t updated new writing from workshops in a while (I have quite a bit of writing stockpiled and ready to go when the new site is ready). What you should expect from the new site is a way to find writing from prior workshops, but also if interested, a way to submit stories and writing. We’d also love to have a more active blog, with not just entries from us, but also from volunteers, teachers, students, anyone with an idea!

We’d love to get back to regular publishing, and looking into starting a Patreon to help cover costs associated with that, and are trying to figure out the logistics of tiers and rewards.

For regular Denver Writes business, we are 3 weeks away from our first summer camp, and we still have space available in all four  camps (but space is VERY limited in 2!).

Typically over the summer we notice a drop in Workshop numbers, but we might do a couple of special event workshops! Right now we’re thinking of a generational workshop, where young writers are invited to write WITH parents, older siblings, or grandparents. We’re also planning a Myths of Casa Bonita, where our young writers will explore the world of Denver’s Weirdest Restaurant and then write stories based on what inspires them!

Over the summer we’d love to continue doing our creative writing club, at BookBar Monday afternoons 4-6 and potentially at BackSpace on Wednesdays if there’s interest. The possibility to changing the hours (either earlier or later) is also an option.

And finally, I’m (Kevin) going to switch to first person, to personally say thank you to all of the participants, volunteers, the combined staffs of Metropolis Coffee and BookBar, for my first amazing year as Program Director. Volunteering with Denver Writes for the past few years was already one of my favorite experiences, the opportunity to come onboard and plan programing, bring in new volunteers has been an incredible experience. The weekly creative writing club is one of the absolute highlights of each week, as the writers bring in an amount of enthusiasm, energy, and creativity that’s almost immeasurable. I’m very excited for where the future brings Denver Writes and myself and where I can help bring Denver Writes.

Thank you so much for all of your support!

Kevin Peterson, Program Director.

September Volunteer Spotlight: Maryanna Brunkhorst

Each month, Denver Writes highlights phenomenal volunteers without which the work we do would not be possible. This is an opportunity to get to know them just a little bit better!

Click here to find out about why Maryanna Brunkhorst wishes she could speak Portuguese and what she means about tasting life twice!


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