Summer Writing Camp at the Nagel Art Studio

2019 Summer Writing Camps at the Nagel Art Studio (on the DU Campus), 2121 E. Asbury Ave, Denver 80210: 


JUNE 24th – 28th, 2019 Marvelous Mysteries 

Ages 8 – 12, from 9 am to 3pm, at  the Nagel Art Studio Building on the DU Campus

A group of extremely talented young authors accept the challenge to produce some of the most spectacular mystery writing the world has ever read. Will things play out the way they expected?

Join Denver Writes for a week of marvelous mysteries packed full of suspects, motives, clues and plenty of red herrings. What incredible masterpieces will surface from this week of writing? We’ll leave that one up you to solve.

JULY 8th – 12th , 2019 Grotesquely Gothic: Harrowing Horror 101 

Ages 10 -14, from 9 am – 3 pm at The Nagel Art Studio Building on the DU Campus

During this camp we will explore classic gothic horror tropes and draft spine-chilling stories to thrill our readers. Not for the faint of heart! Come prepared to make hair stand on end and join the ranks of Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelley, and Bram Stoker!

Erin Christian is a graduate of the University of Georgia’s MFA program for Creative Writing, where she interned with The Georgia Review and the UGA Press. She has had her short stories published in a variety of journals, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and is a semi-regular competitor in Denver’s Moth StorySlams. Originally from Georgia, Erin now lives in Denver where she teaches high school English and volunteers for a variety of local nonprofits.

Around August we will publish a book of your writing! We want you to see new things, think new thoughts, and write new stories to share with the world. Once your book has been published, Denver Writes will have a book release and reading party at Bookbar to celebrate! Copies will be available for purchase. More details to follow.


How much does camp cost? Parents: if this fee is a burden for you, we do offer sponsorships.

Camp cost is $350 per student. We offer full and partial scholarships, please enquire! 


How long is camp? Can I live there?

Camp will be from 9-3, Monday – Friday. On Friday we will stay an extra hour or so to have an end of camp party and reading. It is important that you stick with us all five days. Please don’t show up more than 15 minutes before camp begins, or stay more than 15 minutes after camp ends.


Okay wait, where is this camp? 

Our camp will be held in the Nagel Art Studios, room 1493, located at 2121 E. Asbury, on the DU Campus. The building is behind off the main road, next to the soccer field. There is a drop off location right in front. We’ll supply maps and volunteers will be on hand to direct campers and parents.

Do I have to bring my own food?

Yes! For the two camps on the DU Campus, we do require you bring a lunch, but Denver Writes will have plenty of snacks and snack breaks during the week. On Friday we ask parents to bring extra snacks for our wrap up party/reading.


Will we stay in the same place all of the time?

For this camp, we will stay at the art building every day, except for Wednesday, which is field trip day.  We may take a quick walk around the neighborhood, though, so please be sure to dress comfortably and wear comfortable shoes you can walk in. Just in case, please don’t forget sunscreen! You should probably bring a backpack and an umbrella or parasol for extra protection from the elements.


Can I bring a friend/sister/brother/parent/pet?

We will take friends/sisters/brothers if they turn their own applications in on time, and convince us they really want to go. Parents, grandparents, guardians, and pets are not really part of this. Prepare yourself to meet new people! Oh– a warning. If cell phones become a problem, we will ask you to turn them off or not bring them. Be independent!


Who are the adults who will be hanging out with us?

The adults will be Denver Writes volunteers. Many of them will be teachers on summer break, high school or college students, or adults who just really like to write and hang out with kids. All of them will be fun and knowledgeable. Parents: our volunteers are background-checked and kids are never left alone with a volunteer in a private place. We are currently looking for students interested in becoming Denver Writes interns for Summer Camps, and beyond, email us if interested.


How many kids can participate, and how will those kids be chosen?

We would like to take all of the kids in the world who love writing, but we cannot yet make that happen. We will take the fifteen (15) kids who turn in their applications, completed, with tuition, and with really good answers to our questions, to Denver Writes as soon as possible. We’ll stop accepting applications once camp is full. If you don’t get in, we can add you to our wait list if you’d like.


Why do you ask for a writing sample, is it a competition? 

Not at all. We ask for a writing sample to ensure that the kids who are singing up know that we are a writing camp, and love to write! 


Where and how do I turn in my application?

What a great question! You can do one of three things:

  1. You can mail it to us: PO Box 12256, Denver, CO 80212.
  2. You can scan the application and email it to us:
  3. If you are really anxious or don’t trust the Post Office, you can email us and arrange to drop it off at BookBar (just make sure it’s in an envelope marked for Denver Writes).


How will I know if I my application is accepted?

We will call or email you one to two weeks after you submit your application to let you know if you will be one of our 15 writers or if you’re on our wait list.


If I get in, what comes next?

We will send you ANOTHER information packet a few weeks before camp, and we will probably email you, too. You’ll get to know us.


What is your cancellation policy? What if we win a trip to Disney World?

For camp, if you tell us you cannot come at least a week before camp begins, we will refund your tuition because we can give your spot to another kid. If you let us know less than a week before camp begins, then we will keep your payment (unless there’s an emergency, of course).


What if I have more questions?

We love questions! Email us at

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