About Us


We get kids to write!
Our mission is to provide young writers in the Denver area with a supportive community and creative opportunities to express themselves through writing. We achieve this by offering monthly workshops, intensive and expeditionary summer camps, and free after school programs.


The heart of Denver Writes’ programming has always been weekend workshops where students can come together to write around a central theme. These workshops are three hours long and follow a structured, standardized lesson plan that combines creativity with education. Themes vary from writing about food to movie reviews to poetry and even songwriting. For our workshops we suggest a donation of $25. Attendance varies but the average workshop size is 10 students, ages 8-15.

Summer Camps

For the past nine years, Denver Writes has hosted yearly summer camps that explore one main writing theme more deeply than our weekend workshops. These camps contain standard lesson plans that include guest speakers and field trips. We feature camps at two locations BookBar in the North Denver neighborhood of Berkley and the Nagel Art Building on the DU Campus in South Denver. We currently charge a $300 non-refundable fee per student for our, weeklong BookBar summer camps and $350 for our weeklong DU Campus summer camps and host 15 students per camp. We offer two full ride scholarships per camp and two half price scholarships to students in need.

After School

In 2018 we expanded our programing to include a weekly creative writing club that meets every Monday at BookBar in the North Denver Berkley Area from 4:30 – 6:30. The format is more open than our standard workshops, and topics and themes vary depending on what our club members bring in. It might be poetry, it might be monologues, it might be school projects. There is no cost, but we do suggest a donation. Starting in fall 2019, we will have after school writing at Park Hill Elementary, and are looking to expand to new locations. Stay tuned!


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